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Tracks4Africa GPS Maps Version 16.05 Released

Tracks4Africa GPS MAPS version 16.05

Dear Traveller,

We are proud to announce that for the first time the Tracks4Africa GPS map covers more than 1 million kilometres of fully navigable roads. Our South Africa map now includes all streets (with names).

T4A GPS Maps are a set of 16 regional GPS maps covering most parts of the African continent. If you are a tourist or business traveller and looking for a GPS map to guide you through Africa then you would appreciate the accuracy and detail of T4A GPS Maps.

T4A GPS Maps 16.05 comes preloaded on a 4Gb microSD card with standard adapter, ready for Plug & Navigate. This SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin units and has been tested with the latest Nuvi models as well.

This product is not compatible to iGO in-car navigation systems, Android or iOS devices. For these platforms we have separate products.

For updates and coverage of our latest maps, see what is new on our latest T4A GPS Maps.

Also view our blog post in this regard here.

T4A GPS Maps can be bought as individual downloads from our website or on a SD card from our online store or see our comprehensive list of retailers.

Travel Greetings

The Tracks4Africa Team

Tracks4Africa GPS MAPS version 16.05